How to Play

Guess the UNLOCKLE in six attempts.

Unlockle is a logic game using pattern unlocking, inspired by Wordle. In Unlockle (aka Unlockle Game, and Unlockle App) a player must logically deduce a pattern similar to a smart phone unlock screen within limited turns (six, to be exact). After each turn, the entered pattern will be displayed with clues as to how close it was to the solution, by coloring each "dot" in the pattern signifying its correctness: either in the right position, in the solution but a different position, or not in the solution at all. The game defaults to a normal difficulty mode, where the previous attempt's path is shown and, upon entering a next attempt, will be replaced with the new path--though unused dots in the next attempt remain colored. It is up to the player to recall previous attempts' paths so as not to lost a turn repeating known failed pattern segments. In easy difficulty, all previous attempts are shown, and their order making the game much simpler, though not a guranteed win. In hard mode, colors of dots persist however, no previous attempts' paths are shown--the user must remember every attempts' order including their last attempt.

A new UNLOCKLE will be available each day!